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Overview and Capabilities
Onyx Development is a locally owned company specializing in developing web-based software applications and designing websites as solutions to meet our clients' business needs. We work with clients as partners to meet their goals as a team. We are proficient in all project stages - design, development, testing, documentation, and support. Our services don't end after the software is delivered - we stand behind our work and are happy to continue enhancing what we build. We specialize in developing web applications on the Microsoft .NET platform, but we're also able to utilize other technologies that best support the solution for the problem at hand.

Our team has over 15 year of experience architecting and building software for a wide range of clients in diverse industries - defense contracting, web consulting, financial services, utilities, insurance, construction, and law - among others. We believe this broad range of experience helps us better understand and help solve our clients' development needs.

We look forward to talking to you about any design or development needs your company might have.


Full Service
Onyx Development is part of Onyx Consulting. In addition to web and software development, Onyx Consulting offers a full suite of services: managed IT services, software and website development, PC and laptop (Windows and Apple) repair, and web-based data backup. Because of this we're available to maintain our applications to a high level of availability and stability. We are just as comfortable offering hardware or security advice as we are building software.

We Work With You To Build the Best Software Possible.

Onyx Development specializes in web-based software development and treats you like a partner, not a customer.

Our preferred development platform is the Microsoft web platform. This primarily consists of Microsoft Windows, IIS Web Server, Microsoft SQL Server database, .NET/ASP.NET, and C#. Other web technologies often used are jQuery and HTML5. We think it is always good to use the best tool for the job and keep solutions as simple as possible for specific business needs. We selectively use and recommend third party components and tools where it speeds development or offers a service that would be prohibitive to build ourselves. We also offer development services on other platforms and techonologies as client needs dictate.


Process is necessary and has many benefits; we believe it also makes sense to be as flexible as possible. For this reason, we primarily use the Agile development methodology. We follow standard development best practices such as unit testing, source control, deployment tools, and defect/enhancement tracking software.

A client engagement typically follows this pattern: We meet with the client to review their project needs. From here, we create a document that is part estimate and part specification. This is used to drive the rest of the project. We work together to get this as specific and detailed as necessary. Once an agreement is made to the work being done, we start designing/developing the software. Depending on the project size and complexity, design documents may be prepared. Otherwise, development begins. Following Agile methodology, development is done in short manageable periods of time, with demonstrable progress made after each cycle. Once the software is developed and tested internally, we work with the client to facilitate their testing. During this stage, we fix any errors and differences from the expected functionality as needed. Once everyone signs off, the software is then deployed to production. We continue working with the client to ensure that the software is meeting their needs.

We pride ourselves on always delivering a top-quality product.

Designed Exactly The Way You Want It.

Let Onyx Development design your web presence.

Our process for designing websites is very similar to our development process. Every project is different and we're as flexible as possible to fit the needs of all of them. Typically a client engagement will follow the steps described here:

  1. We meet with the client to determine needs, purpose, and goal of their design/development project.
  2. Working with the client, we deliver a document outlining the project that is part specifications and part requirements. This is used to drive the rest of the process. We work together to get this as specific and detailed as necessary. It will include a site map diagram (overall schema of pages that the site consists of and their relationship to each other) and wireframes (bare bones representation of each page to show primary data areas within a page).
  3. Once the site map and wireframes are agreed to, we will design page mockups that incorporate colors, fonts, graphic design, etc. This allows design changes to be made quickly before getting deep into the development stage.
  4. After the mockups are approved, the site is built and tested. We work with the client to facilitate testing along with our own internal testing.
  5. The website is deployed once testing is complete.
  6. Project then enters the maintenance and enhancement stage.


For static websites, we design the website per your specifications and then we use HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery to build it. We have a wide range of experience designing and building these types of websites. For a dynamic website that includes a lot of user interaction or database usage, we favor the Microsoft web platform. We feel we are uniquely skilled to offer a full range of development whatever kind of web presence our clients require. We are experts integrating your website with internal or external components. Finally, we use industry standard security strategies to ensure your data and website are not compromised.

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